Another New Jersey Cop Cam Left Unsecured, This Time in Passaic

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27 Westervelt Pl

Another police surveillance camera has been left unsecured in New Jersey, this time in Passaic in an area near Boverini Stadium across the street from Shevchenko Park. The main target of this camera appears to be an apartment complex across the street from the camera, but this camera has no presets, so the exact target is not known. Like others, this one can be used to look into anyone's window if they don't close their blinds, but unlike most of these cameras they are near a park where children play. If you rotate the camera far enough to the left, you can see part of the slide and play set. This makes the camera not just a treat for voyeurs, but also a potential favorite of sex offenders should they learn of it.

The only way this could be better for a sex offender is if it were not so blurry and could see the entire park. After all why wait in your van for an easy target when you can just take out your phone nearby and act normally. In the old days, a child molester might have to find ways to justify walking by the park repeatedly or sitting in his car pretending not to be watching. Now guys like that can stay completely out of view and take their time.

Don't believe us? Check out the unsecured police camera at and take control for yourself.

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