Rose Martinez Giersdorf Cop Caller

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This person decided to post a pair of boots for sale that are clearly worn and used but listed them as new never worn or used. She was called out on it and she threw a fit. She proceeded to message and harass an individual on his personal Facebook profile for proving her boots are used. When he talked back (no threats were made) she told him her brother is retired Army so dont mess with her (an indirect threat). She also claimed she was going to make sure he gets fired (threat to employment and livelihood). Still no threats on his behalf. Just talking down on her. She then called the police and said he was harassing HER. Remember, she went to his Facebook and messaged him and commented on his stuff. She also made pokes towards his ethnic background. Hate crime. And definitely not something that's seen as positive in this day and age. Still, no threats. At most, he said that her brother doesnt bother him, we all are made of the same skin and bone and bleed the same. Basically stating that if he is attacked, he will defend himself. But this person keeps indirectly making threats and calling the police over something SHE is in the wrong about. So let's just go ahead and make this person global for cop calling when shes harassing people and being racist. Screenshots of the conversations will be in the comment section of CopBlaster's Facebook post when they publish this on their page.

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