President Trump Joins Antifa By Calling Ted Wheeler Incompetent

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President Donald Trump addressed the protests in Portland, Oregon today by joining Antifa. Joining Antifa by calling Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler an incompetent leader that can't run his city. Wheeler has been in Antifa's cross hairs for a long time for failure to curb brutality inflicted on people of color by his police and earned the handle Tear Gas Ted by ordering his police to use tear gas on peaceful demonstrators countless times before getting tear gassed himself during a publicity stunt that backfired big time ( Wheeler declared that same protest a riot shortly after fleeing the scene and he has not shown his face in public since. He was quick to jump on the local liberal politician bandwagon bashing the feds and demanding that they leave town, but few believed that he sincerely wanted to help protesters. It was obvious to most that he just wanted to tow the party line until the feds drew back.

When Donald Trump and Antifa agree that you are not fit to run a city then you have a big problem. It does not matter that their reasons for agreeing could not be more different. The fact is that the left considers him incompetent for failing stop police brutality in his city and the right considers him incompetent for not being brutal enough. How many people are in the middle thinking that Ted Wheeler is doing his job right? We wouldn't be surprised if that middle were just one person named Edward Tevis Wheeler.

At least former Portland Police Chief Jami Resch had the good sense to resign once she realized that there was nothing she could do short of costing herself future employment with the PPB to satisfy the public outcry. Now she is just another PPB captain that is free to do her job as she pleases without public accountability. The new Chief Chuck Lovell is arguably worse than she was ( It is probably only a matter of time until she starts asking "do you miss me yet?" The answer would of course be "no." Just because the PPB cannot find a competent leader within their ranks does not mean that any of them should be missed.

So, if Ted Wheeler resigns would Portland be better off? When Chief Resch resigned they just replaced her with someone worse, why would Ted Wheeler's replacement be any different? Whoever replaces him probably would not be much better or worse, but at least they would have a fresh start. A fresh start is always better than sticking with a leader that could never redeem himself in the eyes of his liberal constituency or his conservative critics. If his replacement is worse than at least he or she can be replaced and the cycle can be repeated until a competent leader is found.

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