Denver Police Officer Jamie Taft Suspended for Hitting Pedestrian

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Denver Police Officer Jamie Taft was recently suspended for 38 days after pleading guilty to careless driving for striking a pedestrian with her vehicle in 2019. Her body cam caught the cause of the accident (see video below). She was clearly texting while driving and not paying attention. That is why the police are quick to ticket people for texting while driving because it creates a distraction that even they themselves can't cope with.

When Taft first apologized to the victim she claimed she was distracted by a bicycle in the the back seat, but that is clearly a lie. Then the Denver Police Department explained her texts as "manual data entry" and not personal, but there is no proof of this official activity that we know of. The body cam footage is too grainy to tell what she was texting.

The above picture is from her Facebook profile ( where we learned that her maiden name is Jamie Aucone and she took the name Taft after marrying fellow officer Jason Taft. According to an unrelated probably cause statement she wrote as Officer Aucone, her serial number is (see PDF link above article) P14097.

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