Who's the Rat That Took Down the Wolverine Watchmen?

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As we browsed the FBI complaint filed against the Wolverine Watchmen, we learned that this case, like many, would never have been filed if it were not for a rat. See the PDF uploaded with this article to see what we are talking about. The man identified as CHS-2 is the person that originally tipped off the FBI about an alleged plot to take down Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. CHS-2 is the one that wore a wire to secret meetings and is credited with providing evidence that formed the basis for almost every page of the FBI's criminal complaint.

The FBI is of course protecting his identity at this time, referring to him only as CHS-2 and not telling the public much about his history. They just say that he has no criminal record and is considered credible according to them. Right now that sounds really damning, but anyone that knows what types of people the FBI has a history of working with can tell you that the word of a snitch is never any good. Odds are almost everything is taken out of context and this group probably never took any real meaningful steps towards carrying out their plot to liberate Michigan. We picture a group of buddies drinking beer and talking about how cool they think it would be to do a bunch of stuff.

What kind of person ruins the lives of their friends and associates to protect the likes of Gretchen Whitmer? Government employees are the scum of the Earth. Turns out this person was paid over $14,000 for his work. How does it not taint evidence to have a snitch that is being paid? This snitch will not be able to keep his identity secret forever. The Wolverine Watchmen have the right to confront their accuser and that means they have the right to know everything about CHS-2. Unfortunately, courts tend to issue protective orders in cases like these that prohibit defendants and their counsel from releasing documents with rats' names on them to the public. However, in a case this high profile all it takes is one person close to the group that knows that name of this person to say something (ex: https://copblaster.com/blast/113/u-s-district-judge-assault-of-free-speech). If you know the name of CHS-2 please contact us.

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