Watch What You Say Around Anna Urquhart in Portland, Oregon

Blast Zone No. 28
Set Up On:
Last Known Other Location:
Portland, Oregon
Anna Urquhart :
Watch What You Say Around Anna Urquhart in Portland, Oregon
Google Image Most Like Anna Urquhart

Be Careful what you say around Anna Urquhart, especially if you are in the resource room at NWRRC in Portland, Oregon. I referred to someone that had stalked me as a "bitch" and the next thing I knew I was banned from the computers. Don't know much about her other than back in 2014 she was skinny as a bean pole, smoked a lot of cigarettes, and drove a green car.

There are a lot of Google Image results for "Anna Urquhart" featuring red heads, but I did not recognize any of them as her. So, I found the next best thing. A Peggy Bundy Wig on a mannequin head.

Why is she an Enemy of Liberty? Because she knowingly spied on me on behalf of Probation when they were doing all they could to deny me the opportunity to make good on threats I made to restart a lawful business.

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