The Ice Queen: Former U.S. Probation Officer Rene Worthey

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The Work of Rene Worthey:

Many breathed a sigh of relief when U.S. Probation Officer Rene Worthey retired because she did not care about the well being of her clients. Described by others as an "iceberg" with no feelings. She would find ways to sabotage my efforts to do what other inmates at NWRRC took for granted. Stuff like go home on a visit, look for a job, etc. She seemed like the one pulling the strings at that place where I was treated worse than any other inmate, not for my charge, but for the business they did not want me to restart while there.

To torture me worse she even let me use computers at NWRRC for about 20 minutes before a staff member kicked me out just for referring to my "victim" as a "bitch" in a conversation in that room with another convict. So, to punish me for making a disparaging statement about my "victim" I was told that I could not seek a computer access job and would have to agree to restricted hours (1 hour a week) if allowed back into the computer room at NWRRC. Eventually I slapped the head of the employment department and got two more years because even though they say that they are not federal employees there, they really are and it was not like I could do any online research into the law before acting. When I slapped the employment head it was the closest I could get to slapping Rene Worthey. I once joked to another inmate that if I had known that the employees of the non-profit group NWRRC were considered the same as correctional officers, that I would have just waited for Rene to come see me.

On top of all that she had me on an ankle monitor. I was the only pre-release resident on an ankle monitor and that with the computer restrictions made people look at me weird because they thought that I might be a sex offender (my "crime" was threatening communications). It was like she was trying to keep me from going near a school or any other place that had access to computers while I went out on passes. Don't believe me? See the document I am uploading.

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