Shawn Forde Calls Jeremy Christian Racist for Talking About Vikings

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Shawn Forde basically called Jeremy Christian a racist because he talked about vikings on the Max before the stabbing incident took place. Forde suggests that Jeremy's speech was racist not on its face but because it was spoken in white supremacist code. Sounds like they are really getting desperate if they are relying on allegations of statements that don't sound racist as racist code. Anyone can make a white supremacist like that. Now you can go through someone's speech, say you processed it through a white supremacist cipher, and broke the code. What reasonable person would conclude that Jeremy is racist because some guy thinks he used white supremacist code by calling himself a viking?

By Forde's logic the mascot for the Minnesota Vikings is a white supremacist mascot, Vikings fans gather in large stadiums wearing white supremacist flair like the Nazis did, and the Vikings show on the History Channel is really a story about white supremacists in the middle ages. The Portland State Vikings are just as racist as the Minnesota Vikings. If PSU wants to maintain their progressive image they need to dump their white supremacist mascot.

Forde also said that Jeremy never used the n-word at all. Usually if someone is a white supremacist and they are going to say racist things that word is on the top of their to say list.

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