News Media Finally Reporting Demetria Hester's Criminal Record

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Portland, Oregon 97204

Now that the news is covering Demetria Hester's criminal record, won't be doxing her anymore. When the feds asked if there was any way we would take her address down we said that the news would have to cover her criminal record. Now that they have that information has been removed. We should not have to start doxing witnesses to get the news to cover both sides of a story. She was asked in court today about her history and she answered the questions truthfully.

Unfortunately, the news appears to be limiting their coverage to Twitter and not articles on their sites. That is not surprising since she is listed as a victim in the case, but still disappointing since people that use the injustice system against people should be subjected to the same amount of public scrutiny as those they are using it against.

Surprisingly, Greg Scholl did not bring up her assault conviction. That was also a felony.

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