Demetria Hester Admits to Prior Felony Convictions

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Today on Jeremy Christian, Demetria Hester testified under oath that she has prior felony convictions for theft and forgery in Pierce County, Washington. That's not all, the Defense played a video of her at a press conference a few months after she maced Jeremy Christian on the Max. At that press conference she described the events on the Max in the opposite order of how they appear on the surveillance tape. On the tape she is seen having words with Jeremy Christian, macing him as he was walking away, and then getting hit in the eye with a Gatorade bottle full of Sangria. At the press conference she said that she maced him after he threw the bottle. posted Hester's criminal record last week after being shocked that the Defense did not bring it up when she testified last week. They called her back to the stand today, but didn't bring up her entire history. According to the background check conducted by she has a prior felony assault conviction. Maybe attorney's Greg Scholl and Dean Smith wanted to focus more on her crimes of dishonesty. Crimes that show she is willing to lie for money. She has created a public image for herself as a hate crime victim since the Max stabbing incident. That image appears to be based on a lie. If she has been making money off of all this that would be enough to motivate someone like her to peddle lies. It is a job that sure beats resorting to theft, forger, and maybe even prostitution* for money.

*A background check conducted by says she was charged but not convicted of prostitution.

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