Cannelton Police Officer Kyle Lutgring Arrested for Seducing Child

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Former Cannelton Police Officer Kyle Lutgring has been arrested on child seduction charges. Lutgring was a Cannelton Police Officer back in June when he allegedly seduced a "woman" under the age of 18. An official investigation began back in September at which point Lutgring had already resigned. He was booked into the Perry County Jail, posted bond, and was released.

According to public records Kyle Bryant Lutgring is 30 years old and lives in Tell City. Not much else is known to us about Lutgring at this time. We do not know exactly how old the victim was. The news just says she was under the age of 18 and Lutgring seduced her. That indicated to us that she was probably a high school chick. If she were a little kid under, prepubescent, or under 15 he probably would be facing more serious charges and would not have bailed out of jail so quickly or so easily.

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