Philly Officer Ahmad Abuali Arrested for Violating Protective Order

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Philadelphia Police Officer Ahmad Abuali was arrested earlier this month for violating a protective order. Not much else is known at this time. Abuali is 32 years old, worked for the Philadelphia Police Department (PPD) for six years, and was assigned to the 19th Police District in West Philadelphia. PPD Commissioner Danielle Outlaw suspended Abuali for 30 days with intent to dismiss. The mainstream media has described the nature of the protective order as a "protection from abuse." We suspect based on that description that the order was taken out by a domestic partner or family member, possibly combined with a domestic violence or abuse accusation of some sort. That is usually the case when officers are arrested for violating protective orders. Since we began documenting arrests involving police we have noticed that a police officer gets arrested in the United States almost every day and domestic violence is one of the most common charges according to mainstream media reports.

We discovered a Twitter profile that we believe to be operated by Officer Abuali ( We believe it is his because he posted his real name on his profile, tweeted about being part of a "recruit class" in early 2016 which is consistent with someone that has been a cop for six years (, tweeted about issues involving police violence in Philadelphia around the same time period with #BlueLivesMatter (, tweeted "just like our KU days" which is likely a reference to when Officer Abuali lived in Kutztown where Kutztown University is located (, in 2013 he re-tweeted a tweet in which someone said "best thing I ever did in life was [at]KappaSigma_OO" directly mentioning the official Twitter account of the Omicron Omicron chapter of the Kappa Sigma fraternity at Kutztown University (, the day after New Year's in 2016 tweeted about attending "the Mummers" which is an obvious reference the Mummers Parade which is held on New Year's Day in Philadelphia (, and in 2015 he posted "My BS in criminal justice and being a Kappa Sigma are making my time in the academy a breeze." (

At this point it should be obvious to any reader that the Twitter account belongs to Officer Abuali. Officer Abuali also made several public tweets of entertainment value in the 2015-16 time period including the following:

"Finished all my shopping but forgot the most important thing...LIQUOR!!!!" -

"I don't care how hot a girl is, if she's bad at responding to texts I am not interested" -

"Not to sound cocky but damn I look good right now" -

"A girl with a career and goals 'Smiling face with heart-shaped eyes' that's the dream" -

"2 days left for my ears to be raped by Xmas music on the radio...please end my suffering" -

According to public records, Abuali's only prior run-in with the law was a traffic citation in 2014.

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