Jackson Police Officer Derrick Thomas Arrested for Domestic Assault

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Jackson Police Officer Derrick Thomas was arrested for aggravated domestic assault yesterday after his girlfriend was taken to the hospital. Not much is known about his case beyond that. The incident took place at Thomas' home in Edwards, he was arrested by the Hinds County Sheriffs Office, and was booked into the Raymond Detention Center. We were able to get a copy of Thomas' inmate profile from the HCSO website and are uploading it as a PDF with this article.

Thomas' inmate profile contains the following personal information:





Date of Birth: 02/12/1989

Sex: M

Race: B

Height: 601

Weight: 165

Eye Color: BRO

Hair Color: BLK

We normally do not include the home addresses of law enforcement personnel that we profile on this site unless they are charged with something really heinous like murder or sex offenses, but since Thomas has already been doxxed by his local sheriff's department and the PDF we downloaded from their website contains his address anyway we figured we might as well include it in this article. Please do not use it for any unlawful purpose.

According to public records his only priors are speeding tickets.

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