Officer Richard Boada-Cordova Arrested for Raping Pregnant Woman

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News outlets in Florida are reporting that Richard Boada-Cardova was arrested today for raping a pregnant woman, but what they don't tell you is that his last name is really Boada-Cordova with the letter "o" appearing twice in is last name. We found this out after doing a background check for Richard Boada-Cardova and finding nothing. Then we searched for Richard Boada-Cordova and found records for the right person. A Google search then revealed social media accounts for one Richard Boada-Cordova whose picture is clearly that of the same person featured in mugshots shown on the news as Richard Boada-Cardova.

According to the media, Richard Boada-Cardova is a 37 year old male that forced himself into the home of a woman he knew to be pregnant and raped her. He was arrested and quickly fired by the Panama City Police Department. He had been with the department for less than a year.

According to public records, Richard Dale Boada-Cordova is a 36 year old male that had been living and working in the Miami area until recently, but we could not find an address for him in the Panama City area. He has a LinkedIn profile ( that until recently included the images included in the above image. Boada-Cordova has a history of working in "loss prevention" as a rent a cop for most of his life for companies like Navarro Pharmacy, Loehmann's, and Kmart. He attended the University of Florida, but does not appear to have graduated. That would explain why he had to work a long time as a wannabe cop before becoming a real cop.

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