Georgetown Officer Jason Christopher Arrested for Domestic Violence

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Georgetown Police Officer Jason Christopher and his wife were arrested on Friday for domestic violence. Georgetown Police responded to a "call for service" at the couple's Georgetown home, turned the investigation over to the Scott County Sheriff's Office when they realized it involved one of their own, and deputies arrested both of them together. We know nothing more at this time. We suspect that the two of them hit one another and the one that didn't call police told on the one that did.

Jason Christopher is a decorated senior officer with the GPD. Last year he was given a Chief's Commendation for "diligent work" as a Community Services Officer. He has been praised by the media for educating the public about police life. According to the Georgetown Citizen's Police Academy, Christopher was a sergeant with over 15 years experience working in law enforcement and at least 10 of those were with the GPD.

According to pubic records, Jason Duane Christopher is a 45 year old resident of Georgetown, Kentucky. He made over $52,000 a year. He was involved in a foreclosure case in 2015. He is a registered democrat.

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