Hamilton County Deputy Christopher Freed Arrested for Sex with Inmates

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Hamilton County Sheriff's Deputy Christopher Freed has been arrested and fired for having sex with inmates. Freed had been employed as a correctional officers at the Silverdale Detention Center (SDC). He now faces two counts of having sexual contact with inmates.

According to media outlets, Freed was involved in sexual relationships with two female inmates at SDC. Charging documents allege that Freed would trade access to his Hulu account for sexual favors. Then someone snitched on him and an investigation led to the conclusion that Freed had been having sex with inmates while on duty. He was still on a probationary period as a new hire, so he was terminated right away. He had just started working there back in May, so one can't help but wonder why he wanted that job in the first place.

According to public records, Christopher R Freed is a 21 year old resident of Elizabethton, Tennessee. He has no prior criminal record.

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