Picayune Officer Joshua Stockstill Arrested for Child Exploitation

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Picayune Police officer Joshua Stockstill was arrested by the FBI this week as part of a child sexual exploitation investigation. The investigation began back in February when the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children recorded a video featuring an unidentified adult male and a child. The video is believed to have been made before 2018. On Wednesday, the FBI published a poster featuring the man's face, labeled him "John Doe 44," and asked the public for tips (see PDF link above). Stockstill was arrested the next day and immediately fired by the Picayune Police Department (PPD). He had been with the department for six years.

According to media reports, Stockstill currently faces four counts of distribution, one count of lustful touching, and one count of production related to child exploitation. To us that sounds an awful lot like like production and distribution of child pornography starring himself as the molester in chief.

According to public records, Joshua Christopher Stockstill is a 29 year old resident of Carriere, Mississippi. His last known address is 99 Crestview Drive. We normally redact home addresses of law enforcement officers, but we make exceptions in extreme cases when we think public safety benefits from the disclosure. In this case we believe Stockstill to be a predatory pedophile. When predatory pedophiles in positions of authority finally get caught there are usually many more victims. We believe that publishing his last known address could help people figure out if someone they know was victimized by him and in the event of his release it could parents keep their kids away from him.

Note: We are pleasantly surprised to learn that he was fired immediately. Usually police officers are placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the case no matter how serious the charges are. For instance, just last week a dead body was discovered in a cop's home and he is still employed despite being charged with murder (https://copblaster.com/blast/38561/baltimore-police-officer-eric-banks-caught-with-dead-body-in-wall).

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