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Mark saldierna is a rat who calls police on people he doesnt like. He has put people in Homietos MC, Bandidos MC, and Beast MC in prison while collecting a fat ass check from the government. He obtains information by hacking phone(Ive seen him do it) and other peoples computers collecting evidence and sending it to the pigs. He laughs about putting people in prison for life and usually will try and frame someone else as the mastermind. He roams from city to city in an RV so beware this Snitch might be at a city near YOU!! FUCK YOU RAT!!! He also may have CP on a private hard drive. He is suspected of touching his own kids inappropriately. Beware!! Youve been warned!!!

Saldije12 Says:

This is Jessica Saldierna formerly Uzzell who was married to the original poster Zachary David Uzzell. Zach has an unhealthy obsession with revenge & will go to any lengths to fulfill his tantrums. My son & I were victims of domestic violence while married to Zach. I can vouch that he is mentally unstable,violent &erratic. All these accusations that he is pinning on Mark he also accused his now deceased brother,& friends of as well. Once Zach falls out with someone he will try to fabricate anything he can to make the world feel the same. I have found books & altars of satanic worship along with letters of him asking for his idols to take myself & my son up as an offering to fulfill his wishes of fame greed &death on others. I wish him no harm but that he gets the help he truly needs

Texasmarine Says:

This is Mark Saldierna. The original poster is Zachary David Uzzell. He and I were once friends. Zach had a failed marriage with my sister whom he assaulted and they have a 4 year old son in which he is being accused of assaulting aswell. Zach is mentally unstable and the lengths he will go to in an attempt to harm my family and I know no bounds. I am Marine Veteran with a pristine record. Google Zachary David Uzzell and you will find a bearded criminal in a jumpsuit out of Montgomery Texas. Not much more needs to be said.

What is truly sad is my SON googled my name for a school project and had to see it. I truly hope you get the help you need Zach. You're sick and You will never fit into my shoes.

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