Lorelie P Rabino, Rat & Cops caller

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Her name is Lorelie P Rabino, she is 49 years old, 12/26/1973, from Daly City, currently lives in 321 Dartmouth Rd apt 105 San Mateo, CA. DO NOT TRUST THE UNGRATEFUL, DISRESPECTFUL, LYING CHEATING LOW CLASS BITCH. SHE GETS A++ on manipulate and make up stories about her father, uncle, and all her Ex due on drugs and all in jail. She got 3/kids with no dad, unbelievable her daughter was 9 years old she was buying her-box of condoms, she fucked guy for cup Starbucks coffee. This other guy for $20 weed buggy. This is how she site me up. She give her phone to undercover cop text me for more months I had no idea, because they couldnt get me for any wrong doing. She site me to come over and I walked in trapped, That day I got arrested I heard this Bitch voice, (Yes they got Him) she told cops im gun dealer, just because I had pictures of gun in my phone, they raided my house fine nothing, they took my computers, my laptops my cash, and so on.

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