County wide cop driven trap game blackshear ga

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So here in PC ga we have cops that have Lil snitching buddy's. They usually are the filthiest junkies they can find. Like tricking Trisha aka Patricia kerkindal who sells fentenyal but has a cop brother. And Kyle aka samual thompson who so buddy buddy with local law enforcement that he can not only carry a weapon as a convicted felon but he can pull guns out on mfs too. He slings out his house and the cops know it but they like the snitches. They get them to set up others and get others on that shit they selling then set them up and it just keeps going on. Of they don't die first. Been a lot of deaths linked to them two. Which I would think should be linking bk to them mf pushy ass cop buddy's of theirs.but its all hush hush when the fucking cops running the dope game. I'm sick of them mfs defending the junkie ass mf thieves an locking up good ppl on Trumpt up charges. This bullshit fr. That batch Trisha was shooting heron in the hospital giving birth while she got a man give his shirt off his back to a stranger locked up for her dope an guns. SMH. The officers involved is nettles and Shuman.

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