Known Snitch 50 Cent Calls Jim Jones a Rat

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It takes one to know one according to Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson whose now accusing rapper Jim Jones of also being a snitch. According to 50 Cent, the only way Jim Jones could have avoided prison after being caught on the phone telling an associates of the Nine Trey Bloods to "super violate" former Nine Trey Bloods associate Daniel Hernandez a.k.a. Tekashi69 a.k.a. 6ix9ine would have been to become a rat. Tekashi69 was recently released from federal prison after ratting on several Nine Trey Bloods members that are no doubt serving decades in prison because of Hernandez.

Someone was nice enough to upload a copy of 50 Cent's paperwork to this website last year that was originally posted online by Irv Gotti showing that 50 Cent snitched in the year 2000. Obviously 50 Cent knows a think or two about cooperating with the police. As an ex-con, this author also suspects anyone caught on FBI surveillance telling gang members to harm a high profile FBI informant would most likely be prosecuted, so 50 Cent has a point. The feds obviously know about the directive Jones gave to the Bloods, so why was he not prosecuted?

There are only two possible explanations. First, that the feds didn't feel that Jones was worth prosecuting. Second, that Jones became a confidential informant (CI). As a CI, Jones would avoid prosecution and would never be named in court papers as an informant unless his testimony is needed or the government tries to use any information from Jones in court. At that point anyone the information is used against has a Constitutional right to know who it came from.

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