Baylett Starz: Told on Nipsey Hussle's Alleged Killer

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Baylett Starz is the online handle of the getaway car driver from the Nipsey Hussle murder case. She was identified on social media by people that recognized her car and noticed Tweets she had made about the shooting. According to media reports, she told a grand jury that she tried to turn herself into police once she noticed her car on TV, but they turned her away.

After the police had second thoughts she became their key witness in the case. She claims that Nipsey Hussle had called Eric Holder a snitch and that was the motivation for the shooting. Holder is currently in custody charged with Hussle's murder. She also says that Holder had called Hustle a snitch. Although it is not known if either Hussle or Holder ever snitched, one thing is certain, Baylett Starz is a snitch.

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