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Category: Snitches - Informants
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tigard, Oregon *****

Taylor nicole anderson befriends people, sets them up, gets them raped and humiliates them for NO reason. her and her family are the worst of the worst. they are proud white supremists and neo nazis. She will frame you and turn EVERYONE against you so that you will attempt suicide. her goal is to assume other peoples identities. She has a large group of friends who are also informants. and not just your regular low-life informant, the kind that will pull anything out of a hat and throw it to see if it sticks. She will hack your phone, text people out of your contacts and plot against you with them. I have so much evidence on her it is not even funny, seriously its getting annoying trying to keep up with such a messy person. She is on github and so are her friends. its a site to check out if you know anything about coding. ooh, and she messed with animals. Tell everyone and anyone you know and if you have met her or are associated, be careful.

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