INFORMANT and racist

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Category: Snitches - Informants
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tigard, Oregon *****

KARRA WOODY 34. Wont keep her mouth shut. She will befriend you, try and steal your identity, break into your place, try and steal your car, act like she has nothing to have you buy her stuff and in the end, after having to put up with such a piece of work, she will snitch you out via made up lies. ooh shes also a stalker and will harass you to death, no like for real, she harassed someone so much they attempted suicide all because she wanted to assume her identity. She is also a racist and will say the N word as if she thinks she has some right to. She is one of the worst people i have ever met. she uses her son to against people and that is what makes her the worst. She also films people and sells the videos pretending they are of her. I could go on for a while, she is already on this website. spread the word and stay safe if you know her

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