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We present to you Megan Nicole Peroutka. This is one for the record books. Not only does she destroy people's families. She trafficks fentanyl, methamphetamine and prescription medications. All over multiple counties across Missouri. From St. Louis County to Warren County. It is believed she may now be stepping up to multiple states.

She has been caught numerous times dealing these drugs. Yet some how she is still free to continue on with her day-to-day operations. Odds are some of you out there have taken the consequences for her actions. What she should rightfully be held accountable for.

This bitch is so fucked up in her head. She will be crying one minute then bitching about stupid useless shit the next. She is beyond any help this earth could possibly offer her.

She is supposedly pregnant and smokes grams of methamphetamine a day. She takes several Xanax and fentanyl a day. That poor baby inside will never be right. Most likely just as fucked up as her, if not worse.

We have taken the pleasure of revealing to you the exact vehicle that she drives. As we can't display the plates. This is definitely enough to know. Seems she got off probation early. Sentence in suspension, wonder why that is.

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