MN SNITCH Tina Zaccardi

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BEWARE This Vernon Minnesota woman will SNITCH you out to save her own Fat ass if she winds up in a pinch by the police.

Tina Zaccardi is on record as a witness. She made an unnecessary statement to the police that ultimately threw both me and closest friend under the bus which in turn helped the authorities conduct a investigation and raid. So if you know this woman I highly advise you to not to Trust her in any way shape or form if you want to stay out of trouble and steer clear of those who are more than willing to open their mouths to the cops In an attempt to save their own skin at others expense.

Fyclsoab.33 Says:

This is 110 percent bs you should really check all the facts , because your ass homie Tina going to prison for 7 years , they were watching you saw them drive up to your place , And you call yourself a friend damn .

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