Confidential Informant sells and uses illegal Drugs with immunity

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This bitch is working with task force and state police since she got popped with a stolen rental car and Meth of course habitual driving on a suspended. She was processed and released in July of 2020 and mysteriously managed to walk through and rekease ror on a 20,000 bondvwith an FTA! She then helped set up her best friend and landlord.Who caught 2yrs She went on the run from her police handlers for 3 years and upon being found was again processed and released on ROR again June 29 2023 under the guise that she has information on a human trafficking ring. Truth is she has spent the last 6 months not only using but selling illegal drugs with complete immunity. She has ratted on all her contacts in Green Briar and Conway and continues to cultivate new leads for task force handlers in the Cotter Flippen Mountain Home area ,while no justice is served in the crimes she was charged with in 2020. Shame on the Judges, Prosecutor,and law enforcement involved in this unchecked and ridiculous misuse of the system.Topping things off she has a 6yr old she uses as a sympathy tool and 4 other children all in foster care or adopted. Sentence her and for Christ sake call DCF and spey this bitch dog she doesn't deserve 6 years of passes she's guilty as any accompliss or contact she gave up.Disgusting! It just keeps getting better she resides with Jason Dean also receiving some sort of report in court date every month since being popped with stolen firearms meth/cocaine poss with intent deliver meth/cocaine sales the only reporting a normal defendant would do is report for count morning ,noon,and,night as a guest of the department of corrections. Look them up Arkansas Court Connect Amanda Lee Strouse active case from 2020 4 charges 2 major felonies and twice Alias bench warrants that are released on own recognizance and the additional hearing additional hearing special hearing ordered to appear appeared it's ridiculous and doubtful as long as she can smile and chew gum in a push up bra and get people too trust her she will ever see any time. Jason Harold Dean this spineless, liven with momma punk already a felon steps into 4 major felonies December 23 and all I can see is monthly court report in can't see a bond bail or drug court. Seems this happens often 2 CI's together guess that works good since it takes 2 witnesses for a probable cause affidavit. Steer clear of these two and Judge Putman come on already isn't it a felony for these two too even be associated and they began living together in August of 2023 put them away end the free ride at the expense of the laws they broke that you swore to uphold!

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