Officer Michael T. Slager Got Away with Murder

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Officer Michael Thomas Slager
Officer Michael Thomas Slager

I could believe my eyes, but only because as an inmate I knew about cops like Michael T. Slager of North Charleston, South Carolina. The ones that think they can do what they wish and nobody will know except for the victim who nobody will believe without concrete proof because police officers are always believed otherwise. Fortunately someone video taped Officer Slager shooting an unarmed black man named Walter Scott in 2015, but so far Slager has gotten away with murder due to a mistrial (see link above). Hopefully justice will be served eventually. On the bright side at least Slager is not a cop anymore.

Well, you can call it justice if you want to...I’ll let you decide....He got sentenced to 20 years for 2nd degree murder and Scott’s family recieved a $6.5 million wrongful death settlement from the City of North Charleston. I personally think Justice was served but, not to the extent it should have. There was absolutely no reason for him to unholster his gun and to shoot the man 5 times as he ran away. He should have been charged w/ 1st degree Murder and sentenced to life.

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