Dallas Liddell Committed Perjury in Oregon Criminal Trial

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In 2013 Dallas Vernon Liddell committed perjury at my trial by falsely testifying that I threw a pint glass at his friend and co-worker Jason Marshall nearly three years earlier. I was rightfully convicted of Reckless Endangerment, but I would have been convicted anyway had he told the truth. That is because in Oregon you do not need a named victim to prove Reckless Endangerment. In this case I threw a pint glass behind me into a TV. There were no people between me and the TV. I didn't even know that TV was there until the glass hit it. Dallas and Jason were standing in front of me. I was between them and the TV. Another person that was working with them that night testified that "it was a toss" over my shoulder. Quite different from their description of me allegedly locking eyes with Jason and throwing it at him as hard as I could. It was obvious that they were making that up. They were still working together elsewhere at the time of the trial and both shared the address 10707 NE 152ND AVE APT B, VANCOUVER, WA, 98682-1843 at one point. The other witness had not seen them in quite some time, so he was not able to conspire with them before the trial.

So, if I would still have been convicted of Reckless Endangerment why does this bother me? To this day it is still being used against me in federal court in an unrelated matter. The government and the court always recite this case as if I was trying to hit someone with the glass and that makes me look bad. So, it is not as if this were a little white lie. He should own up to that lie so that I don't have to deal with it anymore. The statute of limitations on perjury for that case in Oregon has expired, so he could come clean without any legal consequences and I would not have to deal with his lies anymore.

I would also be curious to learn what role if any Kevin Demer played in these lies. Demer is well known as an unethical lawyer and it wouldn't surprise me if he knew what they were up to.

Perjury is not the only criminal history of Dallas'. In 2003 he had charge of not operating something without proper lighting equipment, driving without insurance, and driving while suspended in Multnomah County Circuit Court (case number Z1199976). In 1999 he was charged with speed racing in that court (case number Z643635). He has had multiple additional traffic violations over the years. This man is a roadway menace.

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