Brigitte Wolverton: Incompetent Trainwreck of Negligence

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Brigitte Wolverton is the Fire
Brigitte Wolverton is the Fire

Brigitte Wolverton is that worst physician assistant that I have ever had the displeasure of seeking care from and I am not alone. Everyone at USP Victoville hates Brigitte Wolverton because she is incompetent. An incompetency rumored to be fueled by alcoholism, but that is technically just a rumor. Being drunk or hungover would explain how incompetent she is, but unfortunately only the patients she victimizes on a daily basis are subjected to breathalyzers with or without cause. She gets away with it because as an employee of the Federal Bureau of Prisons she works for and with people that view her victims as animals with zero credibility. Monkeys being poked and prodded have more support in society than federal inmates at Victoville, so like the sick experiment of some mad scientist, Wolverton continues to be employed as a medical professional in title only.

My problems with her took place while I was an inmate there. Sent to a high security facility due to an error at the classification center that other incompetent people working at Victorville refused to rectify. Tell her you need something and she gives you an excuse why you do not need it. Tell her you are sick and she will tell you that you are well. She acts as if her job is to deny treatment to as many people as possible. One time I tried to submit several legitimate sick call requests to her at the sick call window and she wouldn't process any of them because I had more than one. One for medication that was not renewed, one for injuries suffered during an assault by correctional officers, another asking to see the doctor for the first time after having been at that prison for nine months, and a couple more that I cannot remember. I couldn't take it anymore so I gave her the chance to stay off this website by letting her know that if I did not get a doctor's appointment that I would put her on my website. She put me in the hole for "threatening a staff member".

In the hole she is worse. There, she comes by on rounds once a week, never writes down anyones complaints, and we had to ask other medical staff members to treat our illnesses because she would do nothing. I even heard one story where a guy had a heart attack and when his celly banged on the door she yelled "I've already been down that way." I had a celly with congestive heart failure and as a result he had blood blisters in his feet. She told him he had athlete's foot.

Description: Short old bag with dyed red or brown hair. Believed to be 70 years old.

NPI Number: 1154474716

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