UConn Officer Peter Zavickas Charged with Stalking and Harassment

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University of Connecticut campus security guard Peter J. Zavickas has been charged with stalking and harassment for allegedly abusing the university's security system to target two fellow Division of Public Safety employees.

Details are sketchy at this time, but we do know that Zavickas is charged with two counts of electronic stalking, two counts of second-degree stalking, two counts of third-degree computer crime, two counts of fifth-degree computer crime and second-degree harassment. According to prosecutors, Zavickas used the UConn security system to monitor the victims' activities and follow them around. He is also accused of using the state's background check system to personal reasons.

We theorize that Zavickas was caught creeping around campus by one of the people he was following and they complainted. Why he was stalking them remains a mystery.

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