Destinee Mangum's Testimony is Not Supported by Video Evidence

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I was in the courtroom when Destinee Mangum took the stand in the Jeremy Joseph Christian trial and noticed that a lot of what she said is not supported by video of the incident that was shown during the testimony of other witnesses. It is possible that some other video exists showing more, but if it supported her story the government probably would have shown it during her testimony.

Most notably were her claims that Jeremy called Nazis "good people" and had made comments praising the KKK. Neither comments would have been consistent with anything I've ever heard him say. I know him personally. I first met him at FCI Sheridan and recall sitting with him in the chow hall one day. He was from another housing unit, but I remember him because he shared a story about the NWRRC that was consistent with how that place is. We were not sitting at the skinhead table and Jeremy had a full head of hair, so Jeremy did not roll skinhead in prison. I was reunited with him again in July of 2017 for a couple of weeks at MCDC. The Marshals took me to Sheridan FDC and brought me back in August of 2018 where I was his neighbor until November of that year. I never heard him say anything racist at all. The only black people he had problems with came in off the street and started stuff thinking he was a white supremacist. I spent over a year at an active United States Penitentiary, so I usually know a skinhead when I see one. If Jeremy is a neo-Nazi then he is not like any other I have met. Real neo-Nazis don't constantly deny being white supremacists, they usually have at least one white supremacist tattoo, and they are pagans not nihilists.

Unless some other video pops up later showing Jeremy saying such things I am going to have to call bullshit. I have yet to catch Jeremy Christian in a proven lie and so far the evidence at the trial supports what he was telling me in jail. Some of Ms. Mangum's statements were not even corroborated by her friend, Walia Mohamed, who testified right before her. Walia seemed like someone that was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and is still trying to figure out what happened and why. What Walia said she heard could have easily been what Jeremy says he said, but misunderstood. Walia made one of the cell phone videos shown in court that day and it was obvious that she was far enough away to think Jeremy said something he didn't say. Plus, Somali's tend to be hyper-vigilant to such things. She could have easily heard Jeremy telling people "if you don't like free speech go to Saudi Arabia" and thought it was directed at Muslims. She could have thought the same about bits and pieces of his world peace plan that involved getting the Christians and Muslims to kill each other and the Jews to kill themselves. I think she thought those statements were directed at her instead of Jeremy just orating to whoever would listen. I don't think Walia said anything she knew to be untrue just that her memory appears to be playing games with her.

Destinee Mangum seemed totally different from her friend. She seemed intent on saying whatever she had to say to make people think Jeremy is racist. She seems like an ends justify the means type of person. I think she made up a lot of what she said and there is no video to prove she committed perjury. If I am wrong and some video surfaces of Jeremy saying those things on the train I will try to be the first to say so.

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