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Shady Yasin became a DEA informant on 04/27/2007 when the DEA ROCN Task Force raided his sisters home in NE Portland by Glendover Golf course. Agents found fingerprints of Shade Sohail Yasin's on the clip of a .45 pistol. He's sloppy and wanted to play ball.

His 1st controlled delivery was for 75,000 MDMA pills that originated from the Triads of China. The DEA Seattle field office knew they had a winning horse and Shady need a source of income since his Fairview, OR Walgreen's pharmacist Dr. William Pierce was unable to fill Vicodin 1000mg scripts.

He has helped law enforcement in a number of major investigations including send UFC fighter and former University of Oregon wrestler Chael Sonnen. Shady is now working with DOC in DC as a Patriot Prayer double agent. The Oregon Republican party has a mole but they do not care because Shady has an offshore fishing boat and takes VIPs on his federally sponsored watercraft.

Yasin's childhood best friend is Washington County Sheriff's Office Deputy Kevin Howell, a failed real estate agent that can be reached at 503-830-6962, that's his personal cell.

Shady can be reached either at his place of business, Wheel Doctor LLC 2663 NW Saint Helens Rd, Portland, OR 97210. His personal cell is 503-890-6555, text is better than voice. Snapchat is best, user name: SHADYYASIN

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In 2009, with the feds blessing, Shady and his sister Lara Sohail Yasin Ventimiglia opened the Al Narah Hookah cafe to launder money. Lara had recently been fired from Bank of America for opening accounts without customer approval. This was a fresh start for the young entrepreneurs.

Shady and Kevin both like young girls, 15-17 is what they prefer. They raped multiple young ladies in the office of Al Narah Hookah Lounge located at 18345 SE Stark St, Portland, OR 97233. This was perfectly acceptable to Shade's two local law enforcement handlers: School Resource Officers John Edwards of PPB, and Detective Ryan Gleason of the East County Major Crimes Team (Gresham PD). Edwards taxed Shady for this instead of arrest him for sexual assault . Shady let any underage girl into to 18+ establishment in return for sexual favors. The OLCC does not enforce ID's at Hookah Lounges in Oregon so it was the perfect opportunity to exploit the teens of Gresham by poisoning their lungs with hookah smoke.

Updated POB Wheel Doctor - Portland 105 NE 9th Ave, Portland, OR 97232. NW Corner Couch & 9th inside MarlowRaceParts - UTL

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